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Should I Choose a Live Band or DJ?

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A common dilemma people have when organising events is the music. Live band or DJ? Here are a few things to consider to help you choose the right entertainment for your special occasion.


Understanding the vibe of your event is essential for choosing the right entertainment. For example, live bands offer a more personal, interactive experience in which they can cater to your specific requirements whereas DJs, although they may have a larger repertoire of songs, are a lot less inclined to interact too much with the audience. For your wedding, try to think of what music represents the both of you and inspires the ambiance you want to create.  


Some people are often put off as the cost of live bands can be considerably higher than that of a DJ, however if it’s the atmosphere you’re looking for, it most certainly pays to spend a little bit extra. DJs are usually more affordable and do have the facilities to have a larger repertoire and because of this are able to take requests on the night. Some bands have the option of a DJ playlist in between sets to give you the option of both; check out our packages.




If you have your heart set on a live band, keep in mind the amount of space they’ll need when booking your venue. Most bands require a minimum of 1x2m per member of the band however this varies depending on the equipment and instruments used. DJs usually require a slightly larger amount of space, but again, it varies for each and their setup. It can also be a good idea to check if there are any power supply or noise limitations.


Experts will know what works for the event you’re hosting. A professional band or DJ will get a feel for what your guests enjoy so too much pre-planning isn’t necessary.