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Live Band Reasons | Sets The Mood

5 Reasons To Have a Live Band at Your Next Event

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Having a live band takes your event to the next level. It helps create an evening that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Here are five reasons why we think you should have a live band at your next event:

Live Band Reasons | Sets The MoodIt Sets the Mood

You control the mood of an event with a live band. Whatever genre of music you want to be played or atmosphere you are trying to create; a good band will be able to work with you to get it right.

Live Band Reasons | Creates Memories

It Creates Memories

You know and love (at least some) of the guests at your event and want to create memories you can cherish. A live band brings you and your guests together for a fantastic and interactive experience.

Live Band Reasons | Audience InteractionAudience Interaction

A live band doesn’t just play music, they put on a show which the audience are part of. Encouraging guests to get up and dance – building a connection with them. A great band can make changes on the fly to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Live Band Reasons | Personalised Experience

It’s a Personalised Experience

No one wants their event to be like another and no performance is ever the same. A band can perform your favourite rock song as a ballad, put together a medley of great songs live or sing a song directly to that special someone.

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‘Real’ Sound and Visuals

The sound and atmosphere created by live music cannot be rivalled! You and your guests won’t be able to help getting wrapped up in the energy of their performance.

Mansfield Avenue are world renowned for their live music. Are you planning a party? Corporate Event? Wedding?…

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Top Tips When Choosing Your Wedding Set List

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You have probably spent months (if not years) organising your wedding day, and now you’re into the real detail! There are a few important things to consider when choosing your wedding set list for your big day… here’s our top tips:

Wedding Set List | Consider Age

Consider The Age Of Your Guests

If most of your guests are under the age of 30, it’s unlikely that you want to take them back to the 80’s (not for the whole night anyway!) Everyone loves music from their teenage years, so consider what that might be, and mix it up with some classics to create the perfect wedding set list. Don’t forget the chart hits – the littlest guests will thank you for it!

Wedding Set List | Choose Your Favourites

Choose Your Favourites

It’s your day after all – choose the songs that you love as a couple. If you are both lovers of Indie music, pop music, or even country music – make it the main focus.

Wedding Set List | Create Ambiance

Think Ambiance

Music is crucial to setting the scene and atmosphere on the day. If you want your drinks reception to be relaxed, choose music to reflect this. Equally, if you want to start your party off with a bang – don’t let noise limiters be a problem, there are always ways around this! (We use in ear monitors to keep the stage volume controlled and can use electric drum kits too).

Wedding Set List | Encourage Dancing

Choose Songs To Encourage Dancing

Everyone wants to fill the dance floor at a party. Choose iconic songs that are guaranteed to get people of all ages on their feet. As the night goes on, introduce some livelier floor fillers to your wedding set list for the last ones standing!


If you choose a professional band and DJ, they will know exactly what to do. No need for too much pre-planning – they know what works and what doesn’t and will get a feel on the day for what you and your guests will love!

Get in touch  and we’ll help to create your ideal wedding set list.